Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Tree/Girl Montage

This is my attempt at a montage illustration (the type of thing that Robert McGinnis or Sergio Toppi do much, much better). Ideally it'd be the cover to some trashy Baroque/Gothic romance paperback with an embossed gold title along the bottom. Below it is the original page of sketches that it came from. Obviously, the sketch is far better than the finished inked piece. Ain't that always the way!


Unknown said...

Beautiful stuff, Jonathan. Those PITT pens are rather good aren't they? Looking forward to seeing and reading more on here. I've been way too lax on the old blogging side of things lately, seeing such lovely work is always an inspiration!

Jonathan Edwards said...

Thanks, Faz. The PITT pens are a revelation. I only bought them in the art shop because I wanted to pay on card and they had a minimum purchase! Hopefully, the blog will get me doing more drawing that isn't just commissioned work.

Dave Shelton said...

That's weird, I thought you'd been using them for ages. I could have sworn that it was you that told me about the Pitt brush pens years ago (round about the time that you were drawing that online heavy metal comic strip).

Hallucinating again, clearly.

Jonathan Edwards said...

It was Pentel Brush pen that I must have recommended. In fact, I'm still using the same one now 7 years on. For all my printed work though I still use a proper brush.

Unknown said...

Have you tried a Kaimei brushpen? They're pretty damn nice - sable tip, cartridge ink is water resistant but not water proof which is the one problem with them. I have read ways of using permanent ink with them - getting a reservoir and using Koh-I-Noor ink but haven't tried it yet.

Ahhh, pen talk. How soothing.

Jonathan Edwards said...

Thanks, Faz. I'll have a look for them. I prefer waterproof ink too. I don't know what I thinks going to happen - some sort of biblical flood mid sketch, bursting into tears, indoor rain fall?

I love Pen Talk too. Perhaps me, you and Dave could have our own "Loose Women" style show.

Unknown said...

There's a show called "Loose Women" and I only find out about it now? Goddamn!

I think my fear is that I'm going to have some sort of Oliver Hardy slapstick comedy moment with the cat which results in me chucking my mug of tea all over the artwork.

The best place I could find to utororder a Kaimei pen was from Daniel Smith's in the US, probably well worth ordering stuff from the States considering the current exchange rate (even with any customs charges):

This cartoonist has info on the converter and the ink he uses, it's for the nylon kuretake brush pen but I think they're basically the same apart from the quality of the tip:

Chris Battle said...


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