Sunday, 24 February 2008


A sketch I did earlier tonight of Jarvis Cocker (he was staring out at me from the cover of the NME and I couldn't resist). I might work this up into a finished drawing at some point.


Simon said...

Great drawing, j! It's enhanced by leaving out his other arm imo.

Dave Shelton said...

The problem with looking at your stuff, Jonathan, is that it too often makes me then fill a page or so of sketchbook with (very) substandard imitations of your style. I do love, having seen it evolve over the years, the way you've developed things like the way you treat creases and, especially, hair. You give great hair. And trees recently. And just the way everything's got more stylised and graphic over the years with ever stronger lines and shapes. Marvellous. Y'bugger.

Am I embarrassing you yet?

Jonathan Edwards said...

Thank you! I was so embarrassed, Dave, I had to read your comments about four times. That's the kind of embarrassment I like. Bring it on!