Friday, 12 September 2008

Why the long face?

Another canvas. Same dimensions and medium as before. This time in glorious grey, black and white.


WJC said...

These have been fab. Is it grey on white with black on top or what? I've been too lazy to venture into messy media lately.

Jonathan Edwards said...

Exactly. White canvas, grey and black POSCAs. POSCAs are paint marker so there's no mess involved (unless you drag your sleeve through the wet ink).

WJC said...

Man, i've got three kids, it's ALL messy.
Thanks for the gocco's +.

Simon said...

These are GREAT, Jonathan. If I had to choose, my favourite would be the girl in the previous post.

If you type in "Posca pens" on Google images, one of your pics comes up on the first page!