Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Monster Paintings.

Sorry for the huge gap between posts. It's been a busy month, commissions-wise, so I've had  little time to do stuff for the blog. Here's some POSCA drawings on card that I've done recently for the Here Gallery Christmas show to support Louise's (AKA Felt Mistress) excellent plush selection. 


Christian Zamora said...

Real nice monsters. There's a sense of cuteness in them that I really like.

WJC said...

The guy with his feet up is my favorite, tonight.

Craig Conlan said...

Gorgeous! Top left is my favourite although it's hard to choose. The addition of sea monsters to the family is welcome. Nessie would approve.

I was right about Bunko's cat eyes. Look how friendly that artic Bunko is with a regular eyeball!

Love these!