Sunday, 22 March 2009

Competition Time!

Here's some t-shirt designs I did last year for Sportax. They wanted some tees with a classic rock theme but in some way connected to the monster range I did for them. This is what I came up with. Sadly, it looks now like they'll never see the light of day (apart from on this blog!).

The first person to correctly name every album sleeve that these parody will win some badges, a comic and a couple of Gocco prints. Don't say I never give you anything!


Dave Shelton said...

I've only got four out of six so I'll keep quiet for now but they're all very delicious. Shame the shirts didn't get made.

Jonathan Edwards said...

I've just added a seventh (slipped my mind earlier) but I don't think this one will tax you too much, Dave.

WJC said...

I got five, might print them out and stick them over the corresponding cd's.

(Hooray for new post day!)

Mr ZEEL said...

is it-

nirvana - nevermind
michael jackson - thriller
arctic monkeys -whatever people say i am . That's what i'm not.
Queen - queen 2
the Beatles - abbey road
dizzee rascal - boy in da corner ( i thought it was a cliff richard album at first ! )
the libertines - the libertines

Jonathan Edwards said...

And the winner is - ZEEL! A package of Edwards goodness in the post to you soon! Congratulations.

I think I know the Cliff Richard sleeve. Maybe Dizzee is secretly "wired for sound".

Mr ZEEL said...

Cue Rocky theme.

Craig Conlan said...

Skill! Nevermind is my new wallpaper! like these a lot.

Fred Blunt said...

These are so cool Jonathan
Particuarly love the Abbey Rd and Nevermind.... genius!