Sunday, 15 August 2010

Here. Hair. Here.

I've been drawing big hair again. Will I ever tire of drawing hair? I think not. I'm holding out for that lucrative Herbal Essences contract.


Steffi Sch├╝tze said...

I love the rythmic structure of the hair!
Oh, and I'd totally buy Hair care advertising with your illustration in an instant!

Wendy Roby said...

Sir, this cartoon hair you are doing is TAUNTERY.

Mine own barnet is not made of pencil, and is all the poorer for it :(

Jonathan Edwards said...

Steffi - Danke! I'd love to do some packaging design work. Not done anything like that yet.

Wendy -Thank you! I think it may have been influenced by our Carrie Nations conversation the other day.

Jon Burgerman said...

more fringes!!! Sweet work sir!

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