Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Sketches for the FM Wonder Room cabinets

I did these sketches for the Wonder Room cabinets featuring the Felt Mistress characters. They weren't used in the end so I've posted them here along with a link to the actual finished character in their cabinet.

Prof Wilbur Grumph

Uli Snooks & Rondo

Tabitha Snark & Rolando

Snapper Duvall

Scrimpton Fleeps

Grahhl Lagerfurr

Lady Gaarrgghhh Garrgghhhh


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

These are great. Real nice work mister.

Now go and watch Dragonball Z online!

Steve May said...

Very nice sir!

Jonathan Edwards said...

Thanks, Joe. I'm not going to watch any Dragonball Z online unless it's the 9th season and, in particular, episode 291 uncut.. Hold on a minute!!

Jason Bennion said...

These are absolutely fantastic Jonathan & crying out to be made into felt Characters - hang on a minute!!!!!

Steffi Sch├╝tze said...

These are amazing!