Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Hirschfeld Tribute

I was recently asked to take part in Toby Thane Neighbors' excellent "Illostribute" blog. Toby chooses a classic illustrator and then contemporary illustrators are asked to reinterpret a piece of their choosing by that particular artist. This month's subject was Al Hirschfeld. I LOVE Hirschfeld's work so in a way this was both a blessing and a curse. My line and my approach to drawing is already influenced greatly by his work so it was a tricky one to put my stamp on. The clash of styles will be a lot more interesting when it's someone like Norman Rockwell for instance. I chose Hirschfeld's portrait of Arthur Miller. I've posted the original below for comparison. It was great fun. Most enjoyable bit of drawing I've done so far this year. Have a look at the blog, there's some great interpretations from a host of brilliant illustrators including Steffi Schutze, Aurore Damant, Art Grootfontein, Victor Melamed, Jon Boam, Julien Bizat, Toby himself and many more. (For those wondering, mine contains 3 Ninas!)

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