Monday, 9 January 2012

Sunday long drawing

Yesterday I took a roll of paper and started drawing at one end and carried on until it was finished. It felt like a very "Sunday afternoon" thing to do. Here's the result (along with an "action shot" courtesy of Louise). Think I might put the original on Ebay.


esbboston said...

Oh, you actually DRAW people, all this time I thought these were photographs of real people in the United Kingdom. I would tell myself, "Self, the people in England must have severe dietary problems, or the lighting is bad everywhere. Perhaps a general lack of vitamin B12?" this such a relief to know you are actually drawing these pictures.

(hope you eNjoyed my silliness; neat art you have there)

WJC said...

These last few posts are making me all the more keen for a comic in this looser sunday/ coffee shop mood. Cracking stuff.

Juan Bauty said...

Amazing!. your style here reminds me (a little) the spanish artist Mingote:

Shane said...

AMAZING Jon... Great to see the 'action' shot too! Having a really crap time on the drawing front at the moment, but seeing this is really inspiring!

Jonathan Edwards said...

Esbboston - Thank you! Silliness always welcome on this blog.

WJC - I like the sound of that. I really, REALLY need to do a comic this year.

Juan - I've never seen Mignote's work before but I'm glad I have now. It's wonderful! Reminds me a bit of Paul Coker, one of my influences.

Shane - Get drawing! You can draw yourself out of the crap time. And thanks for the comments.

FHNavarro said...

I need it! ;P


kalonji said...

Simply WOW !!!