Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Johnny Alpha

2000 AD is 35 years old this month and I've been asked by Down the Tubes blog to answer a few questions about my memories of 2000 AD (seeing McMahon's artwork for the first time!) and to supply my own version of a character from the comic's history. I fought the overwhelming urge to draw Dredd and instead decided on Johnny Alpha AKA Strontium Dog - the lantern-jawed, white-eyed, Keith Richards-lookalike, mutant Bounty Hunter. Here's my version along with a few lines from the song I'm convinced played some part in his creation.


Shane said...

Great take on SD Jon.... I'd never thought about the Keef Richards connection til now! Your illustration has a touch of the 'Samurai Jack' about him too!

Simon said...

Pure class.