Sunday, 1 July 2012

Trimbling & Swink

Today's dose of "Monster London" -

Milly Trimbling

Milly shocked 1960s Britain with a series of controversial novels including "Saucy!", "Saucy is as Saucy Does" and "Whither Saucy?". Her novels were praised for their vibrant, realistic portrayal of life as lived by young Londoners and, because of their explicit nature, were often sold in lead-lined suitcases wrapped in blankets.

Fetley Swink

Fetley Swink is the "coiffured face of pop science". His books on astronomy, String Theory, Quantum Mechanics and male grooming have all been best sellers. It has been said of Swink "Newton may have been a genius but he didn't have his own signature range of shampoos".

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