Friday, 26 April 2013

Pictoplasma Debriefing

Well, Pictoplasma was an absolute blast. We had the best of times. Above is the window to Sur La Montagne where our show "Gotta Get Up To Get Down". Louise made a group of gurus/lifecoaches and Anton and Amphibina came along for the ride. I provided 24 drawings for the "Wall of Assuagement" (the remaining drawings are available HERE). A group of disparate characters who had benefitted in some way from the advice of G'Goob, Groam, Gooplin and Gromp.


The Wall of Assuagement


Here's a pic of us onstage giving our talk (no idea what we're laughing at!). Photo by Andre Bucci courtesy of Pictoplasma.

And here's an amusing photo, taken by Louise, of a dinner discussion.

Thanks to everyone involved (in Pictoplasma in general not just in the dinner. Although it was a particularly good dinner).

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Unknown said...

Ahh you brought back good memories :-)