Thursday, 27 June 2013

Searle in America auction piece

I love Ronald Searle's work. He's one of my favourite illustrators of all time so I was delighted when Matt Jones asked me to contribute to his "Searle in America" auction to raise funds for a Searle exhibition in California. I could reinterpret any Searle character or image I wanted. I went for St Trinian's. Looking back on the old Trinian's cartoons I was surprised just how dark they were (drowning, poisoning, beheadings!). Hopefully I've retained the spirit of St Trinian's in my piece. I've also posted some progress shots because I usually find them more interesting than the finished piece.


Simon said...

An excellent piece, Jonathan. Love that last process shot too!

kalonji said...

I love it !!
the step by step process is really good ! thanks for sharing.