Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Pugilist

Ah, good ol' Terry Flynt, star of The Pugilist films. The first one is still the best (Diana Dors as "Big Val" and the inspired casting of Bernard Breslaw as gangland crime lord "Tony 'The Meat Grinder' Cumberland") but even the sequels were entertaining - "London Punch-Up" (1978), "I'll Fight Ya!" (1979) and the karate-themed "A Proper Hong Kong Hiding" (1980). Basically just 90 minutes of fighting with an Alan Hawkshaw soundtrack but classics nonetheless.


kalonji said...

thanks for all this infos jonathan, i think all your last post are really GREAT !!

Jason Bennion said...

They certainly don't make'em like this anymore! Genius!!! :)