Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Fribbington-Snooks and Scroog

Yesterday I said I was going to post one a day - I lied! I'm posting two a day otherwise I'll still be posting pics after the exhibition has finished which seems a bit pointless.

Here's today subjects -

Lady Margaret Fribbington-Snooks

Lady Margaret wrote over 8,000 romantic novels during her lifetime, the majority of which were dictated to an army of stenographers who would follow her round in case inspiration struck. Some novels were up to 1000 pages long while others were as little as 25 words printed in an extremely large typeface, one word per page, on very thick paper. She was also a celebrity panelist on the classic 80s quiz show "Whose Shoe's Who?". It was discovered after her death that she'd also written a series of 40 hard boiled crime novels under the pseudonym Punchy Henderson and had even ghost written a repair manual for an Austin Princess.

Erasmus Scroog

Scroog is widely considered the greatest novelist of Victorian London (with horns). Despite his success he felt that many of his novels were heavily plagiarised by other writers. In particular "Bleak Horse" - a tale of equine depression, "A Tale of Two Chitties" - the international travels of a handful of credit notes, and "Great Expectorations" - his Bronchial masterpiece .

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