Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Greeps & Bell

I'll be posting a character a day from my exhibition at Foyles in London. It opened yesterday so here's 2 to start it off.

Aloysius Greeps

Aloysius Greeps is probably Monster London's most famous diarist and chronicler. The diaries he kept during the 17th century are a fascinating glimpse into the everyday life of a horned, gout-riddled bon viveur. His planned Dictionary of Monster English was sadly never completed due to him being distracted by a bottle of port and a cream horn. The quote "A man who is tired of London has obviously never been to the Trocadero - it's mega!" is believed to have been added to his journal fraudulently after his death.

Twigrin Bell

Poet, songwriter and keen amateur ornithologist Twigrin could often be found wandering through London's green spaces reciting his sensitive pastoral verse to uninterested squirrels. A collection of his poems "Nature's Trembling Remnants" was number 18 in the "Hedge-based poetry" charts for one Thursday in 1974. He also contributed lyrics to ( "Croak Folk" pioneer) Frang Tootle's great lost album "Bunions, Onions and Death".

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