Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Big new sketchbook.

I bought a brand new hardback A3 sketchbook last Saturday. I always had an A3 sketchbook in college and I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed drawing on a space bigger than A4. The only downside is that it's too big for my A4 scanner so here's some "photos" of a few pages.


Dave Shelton said...

Winsor and Newton, 170gsm?

Am I king of nerds?

Nice monobrow/sideburns combo.

Jonathan Edwards said...

Dave, Dave, Dave.... It'sa Daler Rowney 110gsm. Acid free. I can't believe you made such a schoolboy error. Really, I expected better.

Glad you liked the hairdo/eyebrow combo. It's a mix of Richard Gere in the Hoax (which was on when I was drawing) and Andy Kaufman. I do like a nice seventies look.

Dave Shelton said...

Daler Rowney? Really? It's the spiral binding that threw me. I can picture the Daler black hardbacks with the slightly shiny, fairly flimsy pages but nothing spiral bound.

Anyway, I am suitably shamed.

And Pitt brush pens or something meatier for the larger scale?

Jonathan Edwards said...

Pitt pens and a Pentel Brush pen for the black. It's a lovely sketchbook. Nice bite to the paper too. A snip at £8.99 from the excellent Fred Aldous, Lever Street, Manchester. Good pen selection. You'd love it, Dave.

Anonymous said...

Grey pitts for all that? - you wanna get yourself one of those grey pentel colourpens they're rather pleasant to use - swishy line & all that...

Our Lee at work calls it Fredulicious & I think it should be universally adopted.
WHSMith were selling off some A3 cheap the other week, but they didn't mark how cheap - so I never did... when I actually draw comics I like to use an A3 pad - it's just ... satisfying, innit - enough room to stretch.

I beggers off with feeling of guilt being all too aware that i've promised a strip to a beat combo & not done it.