Friday, 6 June 2008

Drawing on walls.

Last night I attended Doodleplanet at Telford's Warehouse in Chester. It's a monthly "draw on the walls" night organised by local artist David Setter and his DJ brother Matty (who, it has to be said, plays a blinding set). It was a pleasure to spend an evening in a good location, listening to great music (the theme from "Shaft in Africa" being a particular highpoint) and losing yourself in drawing for a few hours. Comment of the night - "I know she's only ink an' that but I still would". Now, that's a compliment.


Chris Battle said...

Just be sure to check that wall for knot-holes at the end of the night!

Jonathan Edwards said...

Someone did comment on the fact that the board I was drawing on was "wipe clean". Ew!

Matt P said...

Nice one dude. I haven't had a pint in Telfords in ages. Glad the illustration work's still working for you mate.


Simon said...

Wow, stunning work, J. How is it drawing at that different and larger scale?
Your sensible choice of shirt colour doesn't go unnoticed either.

I would too.

Jonathan Edwards said...

You have to keep stepping back a lot! Makes a nice change from a piece of A4. Plus 'cause there's no pencil lines underneath and it's straight on with a Sharpie I kept thinking I was one line away from really messing it up!