Monday, 27 June 2011

Inspector Cumulus sketch

Here's the ink and wash Inspector Cumulus sketch winging it's way to the winner of the TOYSREVIL "Drawing Cumulus" competition - Alejandro Ovalles (aka JAOC). Alejandro's brilliant winning entry is HERE. The quality of the entries to the competition was very high indeed. It was a really tough decision picking a winner. Have a look at the Flickr group to see what I mean. Thanks again to everyone who entered.


monocat said...

... what brushpen is this, then - he grey layering like that suggests a light black rather than a grey... something picked up in japan?

oh and it's a lovely drawing, but that's usual, isn't it?

Jonathan Edwards said...

Thanks, Paul. The grey is just a normal brush with some watered down indian ink. It looks strangely like pencil!

monocat said...

aaaahhhh ok ... apologies for the unintentional undercurrent insult in that case - i knew it were brush, it's just the unholy consistency of the lines you make made me think it was a brushpen - curse you for being so good!

not literal curse; pejorative* curse, obviously

*no actual insult intended. limited offer only, terms & conditions apply.

Jonathan Edwards said...

Ha ha! No insult taken. The ink was Japanese calligraphy ink from a ¥100 shop (about 70p!). It's the blackest ink I've ever used. Wish I'd bought more of it.