Sunday, 10 July 2011

Archival Bongos

I've been having a sort out in my studio this week and unearthed a lot of original artwork. There's a pile of stuff that is "pre-computer" so hasn't really been seen anywhere since it was printed in either Deadline, Tank Girl or photocopied zines. Back in 98/99 I drew a few strips starring "Bongo Lewis (King of Dogs)". I can't find the second strip* but here's the first and third. The second strip was part of the (now sadly defunct) "Crisp" comics festival in London. It was blown up so that each panel filled a window above Borders (also residing in the "sadly defunct" file) - I have never seen any photographic evidence of this. I was on Oxford Street while it was up but never noticed it and no one told me about until it was over. If anyone reading this happens to have a photo of this please get in touch!

I might bring Bongo back. With "Harry Potter" finished Hollywood must be crying out for a new franchise. There's even some merchandise ready to go. Anyway, without further ado, here's Bongo....

*Mr Phoenix owns the original to "Bongo 2". I'll ask him nicely to scan it for me.

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Christian said...

Yes, bring Bongo back!! :D
These pages are hilarious. Loved them!