Tuesday, 26 July 2011

"POP" - Stones, Mecha-Garfunkel, Festivals, Baba O'Riley

The last four "POP" strips for the NME. I think I'll continue with these for my own amusement. You have been warned.

Click on them to make them "proper sized". Thank you.


Nelson Evergreen said...

Dappy from N-Dubz vs The Ghost of Johnny Cash. You slay me, Edwards!

PS These were almost good enough to justify buying the NME, so thank god you posted them here.

kalonji said...

I recently discover your blog and your work ,just to tell you i diiig your style i just love it Rad work !!


Jonathan Edwards said...

Nelson - I think I'll continue with them (perhaps on a separate site). Sadly, I had to make way for "advertising space" in the NME.

Kalonji - Thank you!