Wednesday, 20 July 2011

1970s Party Bore


Unknown said...

Love it!... can we see the rest of the party goers?.. please?
...actually it would be nice to have a collaborative 70's house party where everyone designs a guest each... hmmmmm.... maybe i should host one?
Cracking pic though Jonathan, i would certainly avoid him!

kalonji said...

Absolutly brillant !!

Jonathan Edwards said...

Thanks, both.

Scott - that's a brilliant idea! Are you up for hosting the
party at your place? We've just got new carpet. :)

I bought a second hand Carl Hiaasen the other day and was delighted to find your work on the end papers (although I'd have been a lot happier to find it on the cover!).

Unknown said...

God, that old thing( and of course really badly printed)... was meant to be the cover, but it was a consolation prize (i wasn't consoled!).

Yep, i could be up for hosting that party. Let me think on it and i might need you to point others to it, as i doubt my potter followers will be so interested!!

I'll need a clear mind, so i'll give it some thought next week. It could be really nice.

Any suggestions on a format i could run with?