Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Japan - The Headspace Monster event, Osaka

We're back from Japan. Japan was incredible (as always). It's hard to believe you can become blase about giant animatronic crabs but that's Japan for you. Sugoi desu ne. Our month in Japan was spent working towards the Headspace "Monster" event at Cafe Absinthe in Osaka. This was the art and music event that we were headlining(!). Earlier in the trip we met up with Osaka-based fashion designer, Kyoko Amano, and her team. Louise had made a doll specifically for the collaboration. I was asked to create creatures based on Osaka's iconic Sun Tower and the illustrations were then used to create a kimono fabric (designed by Tamotsu Shimada). Louise used this fabric to dress Fenella Snark (our monster catwalk model) and Kyoko dressed a real model in the same fabric.The day of the Headspace event was the first time we'd seen these photographs and we were completely blown away. Kyoko, Tamotsu, Hario (make-up artist) and Kozo (photographer) had done an amazing job. Way beyond anything we'd anticipated. Same goes for the decoration of the doors and DJ booths using my illustrations. For more pics of Louise's work for Osaka click HERE.

The event itself was hugely enjoyable. The incomparable Diane Orrett was the MC and music was provided by bands downstairs and DJs upstairs (see HERE for the full line-up) and I spent the night doing some live painting - one of my own and another smaller collaboration with Osaka artist, Hemneko. Other artists involved included Boss Hiko, Ben McDonough, David Bateman and many others exhibiting throughout the venue. What a night! Thanks to everyone involved but in particular Jamie, Aiko, Lee, Kyoko, Tamotsu, Kozo, Hario, Diane, Seth, Mariko, Nancy, Yukiyo and Noriko. That night was pretty much the highlight of our year. Domo arigato gozaimasu!


WJC said...

So fantastic! What an amazing adventure. Looking forward to seeing more (you mentioned a Japan Sketchbook?)

Jonathan Edwards said...

Thanks, Warwick. Yes, there will be a Japan Sketchbook. In time for Thought Bubble (if not before).

宇都まさひろ said...

”HEAD SPACE”is hyper night.
I was happy with you.next,I will go to England with hemneko's=ヘムネコ from hemtown...

see you Jonathan Edwards★☆★