Tuesday, 29 January 2008

ISPO, Munich.

I'm back from a weekend of intensive drawing in Munich. I've recently been working with the clothing company Extreme Raw State on a range of t-shirts and hoodies and was invited over to ISPO in Munich to spend some time on the stand drawing. Over two days I must have given away about 50-60 drawings and decorated a snowboard and a skateboard. Sorry for the quality of the photos of the Monster board but it was bolted onto a desk and the only way I could have taken a decent picture of it would have been to suspend myself from the ceiling. So these'll have to do. I had a great weekend there and met some great people. I also managed to finally meet Jon Burgerman who was doing his thing on the Rip Curl stand in the neighbouring hall. What a nice bloke (although after seeing the size of the wall he was doodling on and the degree of detail he'd put into it I'm beginning to fear for his mental health!). I'll hopefully get some pics soon of the clothes. I'll post those too. Louise AKA Felt Mistress made some gigantic Kaiju to decorate the stand. I wish I had a pound for every person who picked them up and cuddled them. I just wish I'd had some stock to sell.

Monday, 21 January 2008

Digital Protection Racket

Illustration for the Guardian's Technology section hidden away in Thursday's copy.