Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Hey! Hey! Bunko!

A new toy. Meet Bunko - Kaiju's country cousin. Kaiju likes those crunchy high rises blocks, Bunko likes the chewy trees. Created this weekend by Louise (with the help of Mr Woodrow Phoenix - antler and eye detail consultant!). Now available to buy from the shop on my website.

Monday, 21 April 2008

My First Gocco.

Well, I finally used the Print Gocco I bought from Japan last September (Louise had set me an ultimatum - either I used it or she was going to give it away to "another little boy"). My first attempt was not a complete success but it's growing on me. I think the photocopy I used to create the master was a bit too dark and actually fused to the screen in places. Ironically, when I'm doing stuff digitally I scan in scratches and in the past I've even tried to emulate the mis-registered look of a dodgy screen print. Now I'm getting these effects naturally I want it to look like it's been produced in Photoshop. Sheesh! I'm never happy. The next one will be better.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Louche Skeleton...

...in a very small, "members only" jazz club near the Catacombs, Paris.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Imagine my surprise...

I was in FNAC in Madrid last week browsing the design/illustration section when Louise brought over a book called "Colorful Illustrations 93ÂșC" to show me (in particular the work of Ryan Cox, great stuff). Whilst flicking through it's 380 pages I stumbled across two double page spreads of my own work! Which I knew nothing about! All images had been dragged off my website. Six of the images had never been in print before. The book's publishers are based in Hong Kong and I haven't seen a copy anywhere else. It's nice to be featured in a book but the worrying thing is all images are included on a CD in the back. This seems to give the impression that all the featured images are clip-art or copyright free which is certainly not the case. Cheeky sods. Has anyone else who reads this blog found themselves in this situation before?

UPDATE Darren Di Lieto (the person who runs the fantastic Little Chimp Society website and the person who conducted all the interviews in this book) has blogged about this and posted scans of almost every page here. At least the illustrators have had their work credited. Darren's interviews have been reprinted word for word without mention of his name or his website. He is, understandably, very annoyed. Read his post and spread the word.

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