Sunday, 5 October 2008

Professor Skeffington.

Introducing the latest collaboration with my partner,(in every sense of the word), Louise AKA Felt Mistress. This is Professor Skeffington. He's a professor in Nautical Activities and an avid connoisseur of Aquatic Jazz (Thelonius Monkfish, Eric Dolphin, that kinda thing). He stands 30 inches tall, is made from fleece and comes in a combinations of orange, black and grey. £30 to you, squire. Available soon from Tokyo Jazz Panda in Chester and direct from the shop section of my website.


Simon said...

He's fantastic. Can I ask if you do many sketches (say, of differing angles) for your collabs with Louise or are they more organically worked out whilst watching Corrie sorta affairs?

Jonathan Edwards said...

This one was just one sketch from a page full of variations. Louise then makes a preliminary version in scrap fabric. I'll chip in with comments about the shape of the head, legs etc and then they're hammered into shape while they're being made.

WJC said...

Professor Skeffington is a beauty (orange turtleneck, grey slacks is probably my preference) Will there be 'further aquatic adventures'? i hope so.