Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Beaky Freak

Ey up! Who's this beaky freak? I dunno. But what I do know is that he's got his tickets for ATP curated by Heppy & Tommy (TBA) and he can't wait!


Unknown said...

Wow. I wish I could draw like you. Really nice. :)

Jason Bennion said...

Will he be 'tweeting' anytime soon? sorry couldn't resist!!!!

Jonathan Edwards said...

Manech - Thank you!

Jason - That made me "lol", as the kids say. He's the new face of Twitter - I wish!

Jason Bennion said...

I did have a chuckle myself!!!!!

I also reckon your on your way to World Domination with all this amazing work you've been producing lately - your absolutely on fire!!!

Hope to see you both once the snows cleared - it's seriously getting me down now!!!