Saturday, 13 February 2010

Hugh the Architect

I was in Smiths today looking at an article on the front of the local paper about what they intend to do with our derelict city centre Odeon when a well dressed old lady spoke to me. "My cousin designed that" she said, "It was one of his first buildings". Apparently, he was an architect based in London who designed quite a few cinemas. She told me had a big ginger moustache and was called Hugh. "He was more than 20 years older than me and I'm 80 so he's long gone now". This is what I imagined him to look like. Let's hope they honour Hugh's memory and turn this great building back into a cinema and not just another Brannigans.

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Jason Bennion said...

The Odeon in Chester was always my favourite cinema & like the hippodrome in Wrexham it's a disgrace that they would even considor pulling it down - it's sickening!

Great Illustration Jonathan & I'm sure the lady you spoke to would be proud!