Thursday, 25 March 2010

The cloud has (almost) got his hat on

Crazy Label have just posted some work-in-progress shots on their blog about my Inspector Cumulus figure. Here's a pic of the final sculpt before it gets made into the final master mold. It's looking so good! Crazy Label have done an amazing job. I can't wait to see the next stage. Very exciting. I feel like Victor/Henry Frankenstein! More details on the Crazy Label blog.


Jason Bennion said...

Amazing & he looks like he's made out of some milk/white chocolatey goodness!

Simon said...

Wow, they've nailed it - right down to the way you draw folds in the sleeves and so on.

Funcanny said...

What with this, all the Felt Mistress attention and Darryl's book about to come out, 2010 is shaping up mega-exciting already!