Monday, 12 March 2012

Too Late - It's Dark in London

"It's Dark in London" is a crime anthology I originally contributed to back in 1996. Last March I was told by the curator and fellow contributor Oscar Zarate that it was being reprinted by Self Made Hero and I had the option to redraw my section. I couldn't resist. I was 24 when it originally came out so returning to it at 39 was an odd feeling. My original artwork was dip pen and ink (just before I turned to the brush) and wasn't touched digitally at all (it was, after all, a few years before I bought my first computer - not counting a ZX Spectrum.). I'd like another go at drawing it again now as I knew NOTHING last year. I was just a child! This could go on and on.. Above is a panel from the new version of "Too Late" written by Stewart Home.

I'm in great company. The book features contributions from Alan Moore, Steve Bell, Woodrow Phoenix, Carl Flint, Ilya, Warren Pleece, Chris Webster, Oscar Zarate, Dave McKean, Neil Gaiman and many more. Buy it HERE.


Dave Shelton said...

Can't we have the old version too to compare and contrast? (My copy of the original version has got lost somewhere down the years).

Jonathan Edwards said...

Dave - I was going to and then I couldn't find my original copy. I''ll scan in the some original artwork as soon I locate it. Hopefully, everyone will prefer the new version!