Thursday, 8 May 2014

Berlin Sketches

It was Pictoplasma last week so I had the pleasure of spending a few days in Berlin. Didn't get to spend quite as much drawing as I'd like but I did get a chance to do a lot of chatting and it's good to talk, right? Top sketch is my favourite (drawn from the window of the Manolo coffee shop). First time I've used my Dilli pen out and about. I like it!


esbboston said...

I just recently heard about the project to build a 1,000 meter man-made mountain in Berlin. It is called The Berg.

esbboston said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I opened a printing company last August with my wife. Interesting, finally getting to make a little money as an artist.

Jonathan Edwards said...

esbboston - Just read about The Berg! Amazing. I hadn't heard about that before. Good luck with the printing company.