Thursday, 27 August 2015

Welles & Murakami

Two recent portrait experiments. Both in pencil (the trusty Palomino Blackwing!) and watercolour. I've been trying to experiment with crossing my usual stylised approach to portraits with more realistic shadowing. I saw an incredible Janniot sculpture in Lisbon last year and it got me thinking. It was beautifully stylised but with it being a real 3D object reacted to light and shade in an interesting way. The same goes for the stone heads created by Modigliani (a long time influence). This is what I've tried to achieve with both of these drawings. I think I may have lost track with the Murakami drawing and veered a bit too close to realism for my tastes but sometimes it's fun to interpret rather than reinterpret.


Jack said...

These are beautiful, thanks!

Mike K said...


Dave Shelton said...

Only just seen these. Very lovely,. And while I see that the Murakami is a straighter kind of portrait than you usually produce it's got a subtlety to the tones and a presence that make it a rewarding diversion for you, I think.