Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hawker & Timperson

Two more from Monster London at Foyles.

Whipply Hawker

Literary critic and satirist Hawker made few friends but many admirers with her scathing remarks about some of London's finest authors. She once described Thrupenny Snark as a "goose-faced little squeak with the vocabulary of a horse" and Sedley Westerton as "a trumpet-eyed pongo scrabbling in the dirt for a handful of croutons".

Strindon Timperson

Esteemed science-fiction author, Timperson, is probably best known for his "Fentibules of Photon X" trilogy which was adapted for television in 1974. Produced by London Weekend Television it featured an incredible performance by Reg Varney as Xabod Gonch, the asexual robotic assassin. His trilogy consisted of 4 books which he felt set him apart from his peers "by at least one book".

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