Friday, 29 June 2012

Toppling & Trunch

I'll be in Foyles tomorrow (Saturday, June 30th) drawing "creaturized" portraits of people as part of the Charing Cross Road festival. I'll be drawing between 1-5pm.

In the meantime here's another 2 characters

Humboldt Toppling

Toppling's novels are never an easy read. He felt that readers should be "challenged in the same way you'd challenge an intruder into the family home". He would write all his novels in longhand in green ink on yellow legal pads, cut them up with a bread knife and then throw them in a bathtub. He believed that what was still readable at the end of this process was "the unavoidable truth".

Ronnie Trunch

Ex-journalist Ronnie Trunch began his literary career as the official biographer of the infamous East End gangsters The Crayfish Twins. His biography of them, "Treading Water (On Your Head)", was a best seller and later made into a film starring (former pop duo) the Grimble Twins.

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